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We at Little Saigon CafeĀ® wouldn't be anywhere without our clients and customers spreading the word about our services.

When we were first getting started, before we were able to move into the fantastic location where meetings are now held, our services and customer base were run strictly on referrals; friends telling friends after being our clients and so on.

We greatly appreciate your feed back in our pursuit of excellence!





"Cronuts!!!! If you don't know you gotta get here. Fresh not anything close to something that you would find at DD or in a supermarket. The assortment including a bacon and maple (Try it !). Friendly and very helpful. Coffee so smooth that it's like silk in a cup. Support your local independent businesses."

Todd Smith

"Amazingly friendly, amazingly friendly. Anyone who says otherwise probably works at anothrr donut shop."

Cade Michaels



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Hali Lyn


We appreciate the reviews! Please join us and share your experience!

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